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Shipping & Returns


Prices are subject to CIF Destination Sea Port, inclusive of Intra USA Transit (EX WORKS CHARGES) and consolidation via Meridien Warehouse.  Meridien Warehouse is required consolidation depot.   Destination must be approved prior to checkout.  Any additional fees determined due to location of arrival will be reflected at checkout. 

Return & Exchange Policy

It is Meriden’s (SELLER) mission statement to provide our Customers (DEALER) with high quality furnishings, as well as with best possible service including resolution of claims for damages and defects of products.

Global sales and logistics business situations require items to be handled multiple times during delivery from origin factory to customer facility. This may result in freight damage claims where it is difficult to identify the responsible party.  We have provided the following policies to ensure the proper handling and resolution of claims, and to avoid any difficult or unpleasant situations.


Transport damages

  1. FCL (Full Container Loads - Shippers load, stowed and count)

  Any damage to the goods shipped in ocean containers loaded at a factory or at the Meridien facility must be claimed and noted on the B/L at the time of arrival and unloading of the container to your warehouse. 

Damage claims must include a detailed description of the damage(s), and photos clearly showing the original cartons and damaged items.  The customer is also required to keep the original carton and packaging materials for inspection by the cargo insurance company.  Claims for visible damage to cartons or items must be received by Meridien within ten (10) business days from the delivery of the container to your facility.




  The Customer is responsible to carefully inspect all items received as soon as possible after the shipment arrives to your facility. The dealer is allowed a maximum of sixty (60) days - from the date the shipment was discharged at the destination port to file a claim for damages. Meridien and the cargo insurance company will not consider any claims for damages filed after the stated sixty (60) day period. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure all cartons are opened and items inspected prior to the end of the stated period. The cargo insurance coverage is only valid for transport to the first delivery address as stated on the ocean or airway bill of lading.  Damage claims must include a completed Dealer Claim Form, with a detailed description of the damage(s), and photos clearly showing the original cartons and damaged items. The customer is also required to keep the original carton and packaging materials for inspection by the cargo insurance company.


Manufacturing Defects


  Claims for defects will be subject to the stated warranty policy and limitations from the manufacturer of the product.  Available for review upon request.


Resolution of Valid Claims


  Valid claims will be resolved as follows: 

  For items which were insured by a cargo insurance policy at time of invoicing, the cargo insurance company will inspect the items at the Dealer facility.  If the claim is approved, the customer will receive payment reimbursement for either the original cost value of the item, or the value to repair the item in the local market.


Seller reserves the right to issue a credit to Customer’s  account in lieu of replacement of a damaged item.


Seller reserves the right to offer credits to Customer’s account for claims which are refused by the cargo insurance company in cases where such credits may be justified.


Customer Responsibility

  It is a standard furniture industry policy that dealers are responsible for “deluxing” items. This term refers to minor repairs of finishes, scratches, blemishes, cleaning, drawer and door adjustments, leveling and other routine processes to ensure the furniture is in proper condition for delivery to the consumer. As a furniture business, the dealer is expected to have the facilities and expertise to make these small repairs and adjustments. 


Any claims by the final consumer must be resolved by the dealer. Seller extends no warranty, either express or implied to any consumer.


Seller  will not be responsible for any defects or damages which may be caused by improper storage or handling after dealer receives the items.


Customers are not allowed to deduct any amounts for damage claims from invoice balances unless written authorization is provided to the dealer by Meridien in advance. Meridien will issue a credit memo to the dealer for approved claims.

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